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Thursday, December 06, 2007 03:05 PM
About Scott Humphries.com

At this site, you'll find that my interests center mainly around writing. I enjoy all types of fiction and previously had a career in curriculum design, technical training and editing. Currently I am Senior Editor for Flying Pen Press. We are always looking for new authors. Please stop by there and see if we can help you get published. 

As I begin to understand the tools that are at hand, this site will change, hopefully for the better. By all means, send me comments about what you think, good or bad. 

I'll do my best to not have this site heavily laden with graphics. After all, the site is about me, not about the things I can gather from the web. My primary goals are to showcase my editorial talents and to give the reader a place to go that they'll enjoy. Soon, I will be developing virtual places, like the Slainte Castle, the Westwood Apartments and Deep Space Port. These will be all ongoing writing projects, so please be patient and stop back for updates. 

Like all sites, this one will be under construction at all times. Please accept my apologies. It is my intention to make my site grow with my varied interests. Most sites are supposed to represent something, and in this case, that would be me. My previous site, www.freetrainingmanuals.com was intended to be a commercial site. After a few years of not spending the time I should have, I've mothballed it. 

It's also my hope that you'll one day see my fiction in print. I hope to see you sometime either in Cyber Space, or perhaps at a Convention, or published with Flying Pen Press. 

Take care and enjoy! 

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Nov 2007

I recently attended World Fantasy Con in Saratoga Springs. It was a great place to meet and greet all those movers and shakers in the publishing world. 

Oct 2007

I recently attended MileHiCon in Denver. It was a blast and I met several authors and few editors. I'm also part of the World Science Fiction Convention 2008 Denver group, and I strongly recommend you buy your membership soon, before it goes up.
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